Biography Of Shaikh Ayaz The Voice Of Sindh

Great Sindhi Poet Shaikh Ayaz Life History Written By Abdul Qadir Junejo

He was a great poet. He was also known as the voice of Sindh. He born in on 23 March 1923 in Shikarpur. He was a lawyer by profession and the vice chancellor of Sindh University. His efforts to moderate poetry are appreciable. He was a learned person and always went deep in to the studies. He possessed a great observation art. He was a very good observer. His writing was all about the love with the nation and the motherland. It was not about discriminating others. He used to love everyone and consider as his own. He shown his sentiments in his poetry. His writings are more than 50 in total. He had the ability of intuition. He told in advance that Bhutto will be hanged. He spent his last days of life in Karachi and used to go to beach often. One day suddenly on 28 December 1997 he died. He will always be remembered by the people. He was a river of knowledge. He was a literary person. He was burried near the tomb of Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai. He was a lucky man to have this honor. All the details are given below in Urdua nd you can read it.

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