Biography Of Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan In Urdu

Article About Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan Written By Arif Bahar

The Founder and ex-president of Azad Kashmir was born on 22nd April 1915. He was a nice person. His whole life was full of struggle for the freedom of Kashmir. He was very brave. His father was a landlord. He got the basic education from Ponch and passed the matriculation examination in 1933. He completed his BA from Islamia College Lahore in 1938. Once the writer went to his house which was at the top of the hill and met him. He was stunned that why journalist has visited him. He was living a peaceful life over there. He used to take care of the plants and gardens. He knew all the detailed types of plants in his orchard. He got passed the resolution in 1947 which was related to joint with Pakistan. He was the president of the Government which was formed on 24 October. He was arrested later on and sent to central Jail. He was appointed twice on presidential designation. He was died on 31 June 2003. His body was covered with Kashmir flag. He was a man of great dignity. All the details about his personality are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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