Biography Of Muhammad Ali Pakistani Actor In Urdu

Life History Of Legend Actor Muhammad Ali Written By Ashiq Chaudhry

He was a great Pakistani Film star. He was very nice person. He liked to help the mankind although he was a great star of industry yet he was not proud. He was born on 19 April 1931 in Rampur. His father was a scholar. He himself was a noble person and always preached Islam by working on teaching characters. In Karachi few institutions teach a subject on acting and this man is the favorite character of students. He acted in hundreds of pictures and dramas. Infect he was casted in more than 250 movies. He adjusted his life well with Islamic guidelines. He got married in 1966. He played a major role in bringing Pakistani and Indian people together and to depreciate the thinking of enmity. He had good relations with many presidents and ministers. He is regarded well at the public level and also at the Governmental level. He possessed a very good and exemplary character. He was did in March 2006 in Lahore and buried near the tomb of Hazrat Mian Mir. His movies are watched even now. All the detailed history about his personality is given below in Urdu and you can read it.

actor muhammad ali life in urdu


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