Biography Of Khalid Ishaq In Urdu

Khalid M. Ishaq Life History In Urdu Written By Ariful Haque Arif

Khalid Muhammad Ishaq was a senior advocate of Pakistan. His date of birth is 16 August, 1926. He was working on political ban to Jamat E Islami. He was a man of dignity. He remained stick to truth all the time. He belonged to a noble and literate family. His father was 1st Muslim IG. He did his BA in 1945 in Arabic and masters in the same subject. He was declared as advocate of western Pakistan in the age of only 32. He was basically a scholar and remained attached to law to earn the livelihood. He had a good grip on many languages. He had a good Islamic touch as well. He had his own library which possessed more than 100,000 books. It was the biggest of the time. He used to spend 40 to 45 percent of his income on the books. He was considered as expert of Muslim and British law. He donated a major part of the library to LUMS University. He used to debate on the current issues on daily basis with scholars. He was a learned man. He died in the age of 77 in Karachi in 2004. All the facts about his life are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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