Biography Of Great Personality Fakhruddin G Ibrahim In Urdu

Fakhruddin G Ibrahim is the famous personality of Pakistan. He was born in 1928 in Ahmedabad state which is presently called as Gujarat. He belongs to a Gujarati Dawoodi Bohra Muslim family. He was a personality which gave honor to the designation on which he worked. The major turn in his life was to reject the oath taking as PCO Judge. He gained a lot of honor from the society by doing this act. He is known by his nick name “Fakhru Bhai”. He took the post as CEC on 23 July 2012. He is a retired Associate Judge of the Supreme Court. He attended the Gujarat Vidyapith, and got the LLB degree with distinctions in 1949. He also remained the Senior Advocate and known as a peace activist. He also served for Law Minister from 18 July 1993 to 19 October 1993. He is a great and honest person. Some political parties are against him due to their honesty. Some haters defame him that he was involved in bribery but they cannot succeed in this poor act. He is such a learned person and coming electoral process conducting fairly is a big challenge for him. All the facts of his character are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Life History Of Chief Election Commissioner Fakhruddin G Ibrahim

Fakhruddin G Ibrahim

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