Biography Of Agha Muhammad Yhaya khan In Urdu

This man is the most controversial personality of history of Pakistan. He was the president of Pakistan. He was born on 4 February 1917 near Peshawar. His family descended from the elite solider class of Nader Shah of Khorasan. He was known as a heavy drinker with a preference for whiskey. He was died on 10 august 1980 in Rawalpindi. He is not liked by people because the country divided in to two parts during his reign.  He was a very diligent military office but not a good politician. He was the only Muslim instructor in Staff College and became the chairman of capital development authority. He and General ayub were the culprits to divide the state in to two. Ayub abrogated the constitution of 1956. After that he also made many wrong decisions. He lived a luxurious life and did not show any sincerity with the country. These all were his blunders which made him a disliked person in the public. When he died his dead body was covered with Pakistani flag. All the details about his reign and way of working are given below and you can read it.

Life History  of  Agha Muhammad Yhaya khan Written By Doctor Safdar  Mahmud

Agha Muhammad Yhaya khan


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