Bhaiya aur Bhena Online Urdu Story for Children

Sunder bin is a dense and greenish forest of Bengal. The sound of water, the sweet sound of birds and cold wind has attraction for everyone.
A Raja live in his house near this jungle.King and queen are very kindhearted and pious. They have one son and a daughter. Their parents called them with their nickname as Raju Baba and Rani Bina.
Both Raju and Rani were so intelligent. They were living luxurious and peaceful life because of extreme love of their parents. Everyone in the realm was happy and calm.
One day, queen became ill which was so serious that she died. Raja tried his best to cure her illness but no fruitful result can be obtained. King and his children felt that everything gone and now they alone.
Then Raja got second marriage with the daughter of Madhoo Pur lord. Allah gave them four sons. The second wife felt jealousy from the beauty and wisdom of the Raju and Rani Bina. She made much conspiracy to kill them but failed.
Further detail are given above in Urdu.

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