Best Useful Tips In Urdu For Computer Users

In these days computer usage is at its peak. We spend most of our moments in sitting in front of lightening displays. We have most of our work in soft copy now. Availability of laptops and increase in technology has changed the trend. We think that we are dull without presence of technology. Face book is playing main role in it. It has many benefits but few adverse effects are also there. Sitting before screen for long hours results in diseases and pain for eyesight. We can avoid from it by using a simple technique. We can give rest to our eyes by diverting our attention for 20 minutes to a distant place nearby for 20 seconds. It will give us comfort. By following this trick we can sit for more time before our laptops. If we will not follow it, we will have to bear the loss in shape of diseases. “Prevention is better than cure” is rightly said. Children normally play games and watch TV for a lot of time in a day and they can be badly affected by this curse. So we should take care in using this tool. You can read the details which are given below in Urdu also.

Treatment For Eyes Pain And Exhaustion

Tips In Urdu

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