Beauty Tips for Removal of Blackheads and Pimples in Urdu

Acne is born due to the bad effect of fluid on inner layer of skin. These fluid loose grease and liquid and create a bitter sign in the shape of black head if you touch them. Excess liquid increase a size of pores after that these liquids gather in which and become solid acne. However when these pores are effected due to polluted environment then it can create a serious problem for you. Due to that your skin become poor and it looks like an unpleasant manner, that’s why we can say it black head or pimples. To get rid of these issues, it wills not enough to watch you face with water and soap. For this purpose you need to do special care of it and cleaning. You should watch your face at least two times a day with Medicaid Soap and light hot water and although this procedure can remove too the effect of infection. A complete beauty tips are given below in Urdu, you can read it here and can get awareness how to remove it and how to save yourself from it attacks.

tips for removal of pimples


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