Beauty Tips about Dry Hair In Urdu

Hair play an important role to enhance our personality and look. So we should take a solid step to care our hairs.
Take “Multani Soil” for the treatment of dry hairs. First, grind the soil and put it in a utensil and dip it in water. When soil becomes soft, add heated coconut oil in it. Now wash your head with this mixture. This process is beneficial both for summer and winter season because when Multani soil combines with copra oil, it becomes more beneficial. It provides coolness to the brain. After that take one egg add coconut oil and some drop of lemon in it. Now start massage of your head through this solution even to the root of hairs. Continue this massage for half hour. Wash your hands after this. This process is useful to eliminate dryness of your hair and keep them soft like silk. Beauty tops about dry hair in Urdu is given below.

Dry Hairs beauty tips

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