Bat Se Bat Urdu Column By Hassan Nisar In Choraha

This article was published on 14th March 2013 on Pakistan and Iran gasoline contract.It has been criticized by Nawaz League. This is the best initiative of Zardari Gov.t and they are still speaking against it.Writer says that it is not fair to say that we will check it again in our Government. China took over management of the port on the Arabian Sea.  This agreement is part of a plan to open up an energy and trade corridor from the Gulf. This deal has not been liked by India, America and Bloch nationalists who see it as the consolidation of Pakistani power. President Zardari visited the other contracting state for the groundbreaking of the $7.5 billion pipeline towards Pakistan. These are greatest projects of their tenure. This a very bad act to confuse the public about this contract. In fact they want to tell the lie in front of people to save their own selves. The politicians are not paying the tax but say that the limit of consuming 1500000 on elections should be removed. Supreme court has ordered that finger prints of voters will be taken at polling stations. This article is given below in Urdu and you can read it.

 Noon League Criticism On Gwadar Port And Pak Iran Gas Pipe Line

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