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The article was published on 29-04-2012. The writer has given the examples of rulers which were independent in their decisions. Sadam Hussain decided to fight with America and he did that, although thousands of Iraqi were killed in that fight. He quarreled with Iran and there too, his battle proved to be the failure. He ruled in a very bad way and got the result of that. His whole family was like that and Sadam was hanged in his own country. President of Tunis was also on the same pattern. He was all in all and no law was implementable in front of him. His family was also bureaucratic in the approach. Egyptian presidency in the form of Kaddafi was also rude to the nation. They were lavish in their spending and used to book the whole city for one birthday party. They used their personal planes for visits to A time came and he was crawled on the roads. Nature gives chance to us but we do not understand the value of those indications. We ignore them and face the music at the end. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

sadam hussain


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