Balai Dar Murgh Urdu Recipe

Balai Dar Murgh recipe in Urdu

Chicken= one piece
Cream = 250 g
Garlic = one piece
Almond = six pieces
Lemon = two pieces
Oil = 250 g
Onion = 250 g
Yogurt: 250 g
Cardamom = two pieces
Saffron = little amount
Salt, chilies: as you require


Wash chicken completely and cut it into small pieces. Frying small quantity onion in frying oil until onion gain almond color. Then add ginger, garlic, almond, remaining onion, salt, and peppers in this oil and start to mix. When these ingredients are completely mixed, then add chicken, yogurt and cream in it. Keep the lid close so that meat can ripe completely. When yogurt and cream water become dry and meat ripe completely then add water in it to obtain the required soup. Add cardamom, lemon and keep it on fire for some time. This will be so tasty it this curry eat with “Rogni Nan”. A full recipe in Urdu given above.

balai dar murgh

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