Balai Dar Murgh Chicken Dishes Recipes In Urdu


  • Chicken 1 Piece
  • Cream 125g
  • Garlic 1 Piece
  • Almond 6 Part
  • Large Lemon 2 Segment
  • Ghee 250g
  • Onion 250g
  • Ginger Small Node
  • Yogurt 250g
  • Small Cardamom 2 Bit
  • Saffron 1 Pinch
  • Salt, Chili According to Need


Do chicken filly after washes it completely. In the boiling ghee fry few Slice of onion like almonds color. After it in which bake the garlic, remaining onion, ginger, almonds, salt and chili. Then in which ghee cook the meat with yogurt and cream. Keep the lid close, so that meat ripe completely. when water of creamy and yogurt dry and chicken ripe then use water according to need for soup and bake it for sometime. A full receipt of Balai Dar Murgh is given below in Urdu, you can see it and use it for tasty meal.

balaidar murghi

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