Atta Ul Haq Qasmi Urdu Column Pakistani Quam Ki Soi Hui Hai

Atta Ul Haq Qasmi is very famous and well-Known personality. He earns his fame by writing different articles on multiple topics. His way of talking is very impressive. His script style makes him divergent from others. He has an amazing and magical script style as a reader start from the very beginning to last. He discussed about our most famous philosopher and politician person. This man spent all of his life for the betterment of Muslim. Allama Mohammad Iqbal was a best poet and mystic man to whom world ever found. He has an amazing view and had a huge knowledge. He creates a new way of Poetry. Now a day we are suffering a lot of problems. We need a real person who can awake us and change our life. There is a requirement of great though which can awake us. A message I read in the back of mobile, don’t make a bell Pakistani people are sleeping. This was a wonderful joke but I didn’t like it. We should be awaken otherwise these ruler will ruin us. We would be unable to bear heavy amount of taxes. A full column related to this awakens are given below in Urdu, you can read it here and can know how to improve our self.

allama iqbal

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