Atta Ul Haq Qasmi Urdu Column Aik Tha Badshah

Atta Ul Haq Qasmi is a very famous and well-Known personality. He wrote many other articles on different topics. He earns his fame by writing column and working as a poet. He has a very different pleasant style of writing as his articles one can start study from the beginning to bottom. He creates humor in his scripts which build interest of reader to read this article fully. I was an officer of 22 grade and people respect me when I showed our power on them. My workers were afraid of me as I Spelled two of our employee due to their mistakes. People become bad when they have gain power. They think of other are not human as I did. Once I met to old man he was very kind and religious. He has such attraction as I cannot stop myself to go there. After that my behavior was changed. I said a worker there is no need to afraid of me as Allah is one and only powerful. I give honor to my employee who gave me protocol and said give me honor from heart I don’t need your protocol. A full column related to this event is given below in Urdu, you can read t here and get an idea what actually writer wants to convey.

grade 22 ka afsar

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