Asma Jahangir Biography In Urdu

Article On the Life Of Asma Jahangir’s Written By Iftikhar Ahmed

She was born on 27 January 1952 in Lahore. She is a famous Pakistani layer of Supreme Court. She also elected as president of Pakistan Bar Association. She is known as a social worker and believes on the freedom of women. She worked for the welfare of females. His father was a capable man and she learned the battle of principles from her father. She got the degree of law from Punjab University in 1978. She is married and having 2 children. She wrote a book “Divine Sanction” and discussed about the rights of the women. In the age of 20 years, 1st time stood against the decision of the Govt. She has written 5 research papers. She published a book with the name of “Prisoners of Pakistan” is on the topic of child labor. She was given the honorary degree of doctorate and many other awards. Few people disagree with her thoughts but good points of his arguments are also valuable. She is really an asset for the country. She was appointed as messenger of United Nations Organization. All the details about her personality are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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