Articles Related to Females in Urdu

Allah is the creature of this word. The sun, stars, moon, birds, trees, mountains etc show the creative ability of Allah. The most superior creature is human which is called as Ashraf-ul-makhluqat (superior creature).  Form this creature; He made woman as a gift for human. Women like to wear gold and silver jewelries to expose their beauty. This show that how much women have interest to show themselves.
As it is said that excess of everything is bad. Nowadays women have crossed the limits to show off their dressing. They adopted western style for their beautification. We are Muslim so we should do every task according to the teachings of Islam. No doubt, our religion orders females to decorate but keeping themselves in a limits. Modern ladies wear male dresses and have no veil on their head.  So it is responsibility of the every girl that to follow the Islam rules. Further detail is given below in Urdu.


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