Article on Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi life history in Urdu, Shahid Khan is one of the famous cricket player in Pakistan. He is known as BOOM BOOM Afridi due to his aggressive batting style. Our national cricket team is full of such players who have earn a lot of fame due to their amazing capabilities. He born in 1980 at Khyber Agency. He earns huge reputation when he took step in the field. Presently he is serving as a Captain of team. He played his first match in 1996 against Kenya. He is a first person who made fastest century as well fifty in the tournament. He is known as the most dangerous player for the opposition. No one was be able to stand in front of him when he is standing on the crease. In 2005 when he made a fastest second century against India on 45 bowls then commentator Shastri raised a name of Boom Boom for him. There is an observation on him is that he is not maintaining stability in bating. It has been said that at the situation on match when we need him more than to stay on the field than to six, and we found him out mostly. Complete news related to this legend is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get information of it.

life history of Shahid Afridi

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