American Jambalaya Food Recipe in Urdu


Chicken (boneless) = 2 cups (cut in cubic form)
Beef steak (steamed) = 450 g
Butter = four tablespoon
Shrimps (clean and cook) = 24 pieces
Basmati rice = three cups
Onion (thin and slice from) = three pieces
Capsicums= 2 pieces (cut into slice by extracting seed)
Flour= 1 cup
Tomato = 675 g (piled and chopped)
Garlic = 2-3 pieces (grinded)
Thaim (chopped) = two tablespoons
Water = 5 cups
Tabasco sauce= 2-3 drops
Parsley = according to need
Salt, black pepper powder =according to taste

Put salt and black pepper on chicken pieces. Cut the beef steak into small cubic form.  Heat the butter in a big saucepan. Add chicken in it and fry it. Put out these chicken pieces with the help of skimmer. Then put onion in a saucepan and start to fry on a slow fire. When the onions get fried, add flour in it and cook until it gains golden brown color. After that again add fried meat in it. Now mix beefsteak, capsicum, tomato, ginger and thaim. Start to cook again for 10 minutes. After ten minutes, add shrimps and mixed it slightly.
Now put water in pan and after that rice. Then mix black pepper, Tabasco and salt sauce in it. After that boil the rice, and then cook it on a medium heat.
A complete recipe of American Jambalaya in Urdu is given above.


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