Allah K Muqarab Log

Hakeem Mumtaz Hilal Mudni’s is a most famous Muslim writer, written in his article here in which he given us lesson about the Greatest Almighty Allah as he knows about his people, thing happens in the world and around and every single thing of occurring he knows. Writer told some habits of persons as they do good act by hiding from the people so no one beware of him by doing a good deeds and some do bad deeds by hiding from others but they forget that Almighty Allah has knowledge of every a drops of water in the ocean and he wants from the human not to do such task which make you guilty not convince yourself to admit a sin. A full story about the faith, belief and honesty of man is written in given below in Urdu you can read it and can come to know about yourself your actual position in the world and you will definitely stop yourself of doing a things which are making you a guilty in front of him.

Allah k log

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