Akshay Kumar Act as a Guest Actor in Chalo Dilli News in Urdu

Akshay Kumar is a very well-known, famous, popular and eminent personality. He earns his fame by working on movies. People please him to see on the film industry as he makes smile on their faces by performing on films. News related to showbiz industry as he was invited by his friend Lara Dutta to work on a mini role. He accepted her offer pleasantly and gives her proper time of three days. Friendship is a big assets as producer and other person was amazed by seeing that Aksha fulfill his promise thoroughly. He is working on her movie “Chalo Dilli” a small role as a guest. He performed 3 days as 20 hours which surprise everyone as he can do everything for a friend. Lara Dutta was pleased as he is giving her special importance act on his script perfectly. “Chalo Dilli” is going to be released in 29 April. Complete news related to Bollywood is given below in Urdu; you can read it here and can know what a beautiful personality he is.

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