Aisam Ul Haq And Faha Makhdum Separation News In Urdu

Faha Makhdum And Aisam Ul Haq Breakup News In Urdu

Aisam and Faha marriage was held in December 2011 but in very short time both of them have decided for separation. Although their parents are negating it. They are claiming that still there is nothing like this and the matter is being inflamed by the media persons. Marriage is a very sacred activity in Islam and sometimes this relation becomes difficult to keep on. The reason could be any kind of misunderstanding. Islam has disliked the act of diverse and condemned it. We should avoid this at all. Both are well renowned personalities and an example of fame. When they got married it was really a headline on the TV. Once again the said thing is also promoted in the same way. A picture has also been shown here, which was taken at the time of ceremony. Both the families were very happy at the moment and it is a shocking thing for everyone. Both the families are hesitating to discuss the matter in front of camera screen. Maybe the reason could be the busy life of tennis star. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

separation of faha and aisam

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