Abdul Qadir Hassan’s Urdu Column Shaheed Osama Ke Baad

Abdul Qadir Hassan is a very famous and eminent personality. He earns his fame by writing different article on multiple topics. He has a plenty of experience to work as a journalist and build a great reputation. People like him because his writing power influences their mind and thoughts. He discussed about the International recognize personality. Osama Bin Laden who served his whole life for the growth of Islam. He is a man of honor and a rich person. He belonged to Saudi Arabia and was an owner of billions of dollars. He spent all of his wealth and family in the way of Allah. He started work for the spread of religion. There were plenty of people who serve his life for him. He gave a very tough time to America. He was a single man who was standing in front of Super power. At the end of his life he never distorted from his views of thoughts. He was a great man in his reign and we will not ever see this person again. Complete story related to him is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get knowledge of him what is reality.


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