Abdul Qadir Hassan’s Urdu Column Osama Shaheed, Sir Winston Churchill Aur Malka kay Pakistani Ghulam

Abdul Qadir Hassan is a very famous and well-known personality. He has an amazing sense of knowledge and he wrote different nature of article. He earns his fame by writing a multiple articles on newspaper. He discussed about Osama Bin Laden a little. Some important points are related with the Sir Winstons Churchil. There is a minor portion of slaver of Queen is under in discussion. In early morning I received news about the martyr of Osama Bin Laden and American President was saying we found him in near Islamabad. On this our plenty of journalist are busy to say some words on this important news. He was a person who gave a difficult time to USA since 10 years. Now this state is busy to save their reputation by transferring his blame to other. Sir winstn churchil said a lot of time to liberal party not to transfer subcontinent power to their people. We can easily rule them until 50 years more. This party was actually indulged in huge problem so it wanted to get rid of it. But you can estimate an intelligence of this person who had an accurate comment for our leaders. A full story related to these topics is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get a knowledge of their times.


sir winston churchill

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