Abdul Qadir Hassan Urdu Column Qalamkari Aur Kashtkari

Abdul Qadir Hassa is a very kind and popular personality. He wrote a lot of column. He earns a lot of fame by writing a different column on multiple topics. He is a well-known person and his script is very valuable. You can gain fruitful knowledge by reading his article. He discussed about Soon Valley which is located in Punjab Pakistan. It is located on the north west of this province. It is a most beautiful and cool areas of this place. Students arrange many trips to visit this wonderful place. This region is containing amazing natural hill location and agriculturally famous. This is a top of the mountain and their people depend on rain water. Water is necessary for crops and their perfect growth. Cultivator depends on nature to full the requirement of their grain growth. We have a wait for rain here to the flourishment of production. There is scarcity of proper liquid for wheat that’s why our whole production relates to this natural climate. I am living in Lahore. I love this manufacturing and I like to eat this own grain for food. This time it was not available for eating. A complete article related to this harvest is given below in Urdu, you can read it here and get a full of knowledge of this beautiful region.


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