Abdul Qadir Hassan Urdu Column On Noon League Declaration

This column was published on 9th March 2013. The topic was Nawaz League charter and election 2013. Nawaz Sharif described their manifesto in a press conference. He promised with Pakistani mass that they will solve all the issues like load shedding, Poverty, Terrorism, Inflation and Unemployment. If these all problems are solved then  we will be a prosperous nation. In regime of Ayub Khan our state was second developed country in all over the world, but Zulfqar Ali Bhutto made new policies and all system went down. Now Pakistan is in bad condition due to Asif Ali Zardari government. People want a sincere and honest person for country as like Hugo Chavez Presedent of Venezuela, Jamaat e Islami and Imran Khan. The writer said that such charters are made but not implemented well. The result is that we as a general public suffer from the bad conditions of the state. He further added that i will decide at time that to whom i will give my vote. He said that he is in favor of Jamat E Islami but that party is not interested in selection process. In fact he want to make us aware that we have to use our voting right correctly. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Noon League And Pakistan Problems

Venezuela information in urdu

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