Abdul Qadir Hassan Urdu Column Jannat Ki Talash Mein

Abdul Qadir Hassan a very famous and well-known personality wrote a lot of other columns on different topic. He is working as a writer, columnist and poet, earn fame by writing articles on newspaper. Heaven is a place for Muslims where they will stay after the end of world. This place would be allotted those people who spends their lives in the way of Allah by fulfilling his order and preaches of Islam. Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) is our last prophet after him there is no order of any other prophet to come on earth. Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) conveys us a message of Almighty God that he will awarded us with Heaven which have no limit of boundaries and you can get everything which you even think of it. Terrorist are increasing in Pakistan and creating a big disturbance in the country. Persons are freighted due to that imbalance of country. Persons who are busy in this uncertain condition train innocent people by saying them Allah will awarded you Paradise if you accomplish this task. A full story and column related to search of Paradise are given below in Urdu, you can read it here.

urdu column by abdul qadir hassan

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