Abdul Qadir Hassan Urdu Column Hiran Kun Zardari

Abdul Qadir Hassan is a very nice and well-known personality. He serves his nation by writing a lot of article on different topics. He has a good sense of writing and aware people through his great style. He is a journalist and an efficient person according to his mentality. He discussed about an Ex-President of Pakistan “Asif Ali Zardari. He is a man of honor and well-reputed identity. He is a present chairperson of PPPP and serving his party effectively and gently. He is a politician of Pakistan and he did an amazing style of politics which is ever founded. He is a first person of his nature who completed his five year of democratic government successfully. He was introduced with a reference of “Benazir Bhutto” husband. In 199d he was caught as a corruption and spent a bundle of years in cage. After that in 2004 after discharges he went to America. After a death of his wife he came into politics as a party leader and handles his seat perfectly. We are unable to understand how this man spent a full 3 years of his leadership without opposition. A complete column related to this interesting topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get knowledge of this amazing person.


be nazir bhutto

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