Abdul Qadir Hassan Urdu Column Har Taraf Gerber

Abdul Qadir Hassan a very famous and popular person. He wrote many other articles on different topics. He discussed about politics a situation of uncertainty is found there. News related to counterfeit degrees of leader is founded. Order is passed and said to higher educational department to check degrees of these people. It would be very shameful when you come to know that your leader have a fake report. On this order these big personalities got angry and tried to remove this commission so that they can stop this process of checking legal documents. Educational department said that it relates to our reliability and familiarity of organization to make it clear. We gain this fame in many times and it would be necessary to inspect these documents and give an image of purity to world. There are a lot of fake voter identification whose numbers are in more than million. Higher commission decided to clarify a number of total voters in country. A complete column related to politics is given below in Urdu, you can read it here and can get an idea what is going on there.

higher education commission

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