Abdul Qadir Hassan’ Urdu Column Hamari Qiyadat Kyun So Gayi Thi

Abdul Qadir Hassan is a very nice and reputed personality. He earns his fame by sharing his wonderful thought. He wrote a bundle of article on different topic. People love to read his article because it contains authentic information related to topic. He discussed about the Osama bin Laden. Now a day it is very hot subject in the outer of world. He gave a very tough time to the supreme super power. This incident was occurred on date of 2nd to 8th May. It was a time when plenty of humans came into screen. Our unofficial politics has been changed. There were people who came into existence. They were spoken on the history of Bin Laden. There were some who was looking for American dollars. Some of them were desired of some rank from this state. Anyhow I was interested to see some comments related to that person who was died in operation. I listen all the news and read newspaper but I didn’t see any of them by saying this man a Martyr. They all are declared him death. Complete column related to this mystery is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get knowledge about this amazing man.



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