Abdul Qadir Hassan Interesting Urdu Column Idhar Udhar Ki

Express Daily Newspaper Urdu Column Gher Siyasi Batain

This article was published on 6th February 2013. The writer added that he wants to discuss some non routine talks. He told the weak points of politicians. Every person has some loose points but the situation is different here because our famous politicians have done shameful acts which ruined their reigns. A story from the life of Hazrat Ali has been quoted here. Someone asked him to sit on some high place but he refused and said,”those who sit down, they do not fell” which gives the lesson of being humble. Poetry verses are also part of this column. Few comics have also been included in the article. Wisdom relevant quotes and sayings are also included here. One joke is related with the present conditions of Pakistan. In this joke the person is unhappy for having a motor cycle rather than having a cycle. The reason is the non availability and high prices of fuels. Indirectly all the main issues have been related in it. He further added that every one made some mistakes in his reign but “Zardari” said that he do not make mistakes and laughed. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

urdu column about nro in pakistan

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