Abdul Qadir Hassan Column On Imran Khan

This article was published on  on public meeting of Imran Khan in Lahore. He says it has become a trend that every politician gives promises to the nation. These promises are proved wrong in later times. The present scene is that nation has been given 6 points. The motto of new Pakistan is also in place. Some other issue like electricity shortage and media relevant are also discussed. The gatherings in Lahore show that people are welcoming the new leader. Now it is the obligation on him to take charge of these hopes. They have some good faith on the claims of the man. The story of a pocket cutter is also discussed in the article. He cleared his hands on the pocket of Imran as well. He can be one of the leaders in the surroundings. He has to be careful about them. These thieves never skip a single person in their business. A member of the Assembly purchased votes for her wife to make her the member of the National Assembly. He succeeded in his mission and she won the elections with the required votes. Results of the coming elections will tell that who is getting public support.

 Urdu Column On Election 2013 And Minar-e -Pakistan

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