Abdul Qadir Hassan Column America Nay Pakistani Assami Bartania Ko Bech Di

Abdul Qadir Hassan is a very nice and kind personality. He wrote a lot of many other articles on different topics. He earns his fame by writing and creating good information for public. His script contains plenty of important information related to different people and country conditions. He discussed about condition of Pakistan. When Pakistan came into existence we have a huge sense of responsibility. You can see we are taking it none seriously and not working enough for the development of it, anyhow America sale us to British. We admire this country but you would be suspicious when it is busy to create uncertainty here. It is started and confirming on when Raymond Davis issue are created. It was unpleasant for us and it builds a lot of important questions in our mind. A visit of “David Cameron” here insures us we are handed over to this government. A complete story related to this problem is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get a clear knowledge of this happening.


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