Abdul Qadir Hassan’s Urdu Column Tax Wasuli Mein Corruption

Daily Express newspaper Urdu column ghair siyasi baatien (Tax Wasuli Mein Corruption) by Abdul Qadir Hassan. A column about corruption in tax department. System in Pakistan is working specially on the Tax basis. Initially they give us an opportunity to earn money. For that purpose we involve in multiple kind of activities to bread and butter for our families and country. When we gain a handsome amount of profit then, we have imposed some percentage of profit to pay the government. Anyhow it is necessary to pay it, because it is our duty and responsibility as an inhabitant of that country. We should have to reimburse it for the benefit and proper regulation of our state. Everything is fine, but a problem is started when it is not utilized on the accurate target. Leaders have a proper authority on that and we are unaware of it where that is used. Corruption is on peak here. We listen multiple news on them, that that person cheat a govt. We should activate our legal authority to make proper check and balance on them. We should be known that where and on which project our money is utilizing. Complete column related to important topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can know of it.

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