Abdul Qadir Hassan’s Urdu Column Kali Andhi by Abdul

Abdul Qadir Hassan is a very kind personality. He is a journalist in profession. He discussed a very clear topic of our state. We are loosing our intellectual and doing badly to the society. We are sense less and we are not bother to care others. A few days before in Lahore, there were dust everywhere. Early morning when I tried to go outside and wish to see the situation. Suddenly I started sneezing. I saw, there were everywhere, thin mud mixed in the air. According to weather prediction department, that situation will sustain until 2 to 3 days more. Persons who have breath issue, try to stay at home. I had seen that condition first time in my whole life. It was really a terrible environment. Red storm was on the sky. That were clearly those day when some innocent were killed by the police. I don’t imagine, how they can do that. As human being that is not possible to kill any other. There is my question, Are that people senseless like a bullet when they press trigger. Complete column related to that important topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can know the real situation of society.

police and postmartam

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