Aamir Khan vs Shahrukh Khan 2011 News in Urdu

World is moving rapidly. There is a lot of development on the earth which is creating a lot of benefit for humans. People are busy to make earning by involving in different kind of business. Showbiz is a wonderful and amazing business. In this area one can get a bundle of fame as well high income from here. There are three main pillar of this worldwide company. Hollywood, which relates to “United States” having and releasing plenty of movies. These earn sufficient money from there. Bollywood, which is about “Indian” Film production. This is a second worldwide company in this area. Lollywood, which is a third largest trade in this area. This is a Pakistani film production and making plenty of pictures for entertainment purpose. News is related to “Amir and Shahrukh khan”. These two personalities are the heart of Bollywood. Picture of these two bodies are going to be released on the same date. That would be terrible and it creates sufficient problem for both of them. A full story related to these people are given below in Urdu, you can read it here and can get an Idea of this happening.


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