AAmir Khan in Dhoom 3 News in urdu

Urdu Bollywood news Ammir Khan Mr. perfect will be playing villain role with gymnast. Inspiration and attractiveness urge people to admire your performance. By following it humans try to adopt and do amazing steps in life which stun the public, how they did that. In film industry we have seen plenty of stunt which urge us to think how they did it, and admire his/her performance at all. We have listen names of heroes in the Bollywood. They are handsome and have lovely physique. They are very popular in front of world. They earn high fame due to their amazing performance on the stage. Amir Khan is one them. He is known to be Mr. Perfect. He earns his familiarity by showing perfect performances in the movies. He always trying to do unique and different experiment to judge his versatile qualities. He is working in the new movie Dhoom 3. It has been listen that he is going to act with action as well gymnastic. Complete news related to this interesting topic and on the famous personality is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get knowledge of it.

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