A New Research On Love Benefits Urdu

Accidents are part of our lives. Small and big pains are observed often by human beings. But the thing is that how much one feels this pain. The headache is that how to get relief from it. A medical research has proved that love gives relief from the pain. It is the ultimate source of relieving the anxiety. This affection can be with your parents and the friends or any one which is very close to you. In case of any hurt related issue or in case of a wound, when a picture is placed in front of the victim, he feels much better. This examination was applied and investigated on 15 boys. It has proved that there is the serious link between the two. Once it was considered that these are only bookish terms but now these exist in reality. This investigation has inspired many couples even. They took it as very interesting news. As we know that technology has become very fast and modern studies are becoming helpful in our life. This research is also one of those studies. Hopefully you will like it. All the details are given and described below in Urdu and you can read it.

                                                           Benefits of love

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