A Good Weapon Against Mobile snatchers Urdu News

Cell Phone Case Cover Turned Into Stun Gun Technology News In Urdu

It’s a very good news for Pakistanis that now you can save your cell phones from snatchers by using an upcoming mobile phone casing which convert into electric shock device by simply pushing a button. When the robber will try to steal you may push that button and he will receive a jolt of 650kv. He will down abruptly. This will protect your mobile and you as well. Technology is making its mark on daily basis and new tools and tactics are being introduced. We cannot live without these inventions in the modern days. You have to ultimately utilize them and these are beneficial for us in one way or the other. The shock produced by it can be harmful for the user as well so, a safety has also been added in it. It keeps the possessor safe. It is really a blessing for the people who live in such areas where street crimes are more. The price of this device is 80 dollar and later on it will grow up. It is being produced at a limited capacity. The thing is the usefulness of it. All the details about this blessing are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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