14 August Wallpapers Flag

Pakistani Flag wallpapers for Facebook, computer desktop and mobile phone. It is a most lovely and beautiful picture. Independence Day of Pakistan was very important for Muslim. They fought a lot for their actual rights. They had agreed both the nations English and Indians to accept their proposal and give them a separate land where Muslim can spend their life on the way of Islam. In the subcontinental English snatched government from the Muslim community. They were afraid of that they can regain it from us. So they made plenty of plans to make us poor, power less and uneducated etc. There were great people who got education from London and then they made a society where they were educated people especially awareness of English. After a lot of struggle they got separate country on the map of world. Quaid e Azam was a great leader of this nation. They remain stable in front of their bad chemistry. Here you can see a lovely picture of bricks flag. Every brick shows a strong community, as we are one nation which never be broken ever. You can see this picture here and you can download it on your desktop computer.

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