14 August Picture

Everyone want to be free and it will be grateful when a country become independent on it operations as well free from international illegal bounding. There is a most lovely and very eye catches picture of Pakistan Independence day. It is a day of happiness and pleasure. Muslim sacrificed a lot of lives for its existence. Quaid e Azam did a lot of effort to make this place independent. Allama Iqbal helped him with poetry, which was enough energetic to make people active and enthusiasm to fight for the rights of their people. English and Indians created plenty of problem for it. British were afraid of it that Muslim are a community they can snatch their authority. For this purpose they started to give them pain and tried to stay away from the authority, education and jobs opportunity. There were few people who got education from London. They were Muslim and they tried their effort to make us gather on the one platform. Initially they started to provide them education to make them equal eligible for the job post to sustain in the authority. Finally after a lot of struggle and commitment to the agenda we got separate state which was Pakistan. Here is a lovely wallpaper of Pakistan, you can save and download in in your computer.


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