14 August 2011 Wallpaper

A most beautiful and lovely wallpaper is displaying here. An independence day of Pakistan. It was a day of freedom. Muslim fought a lot for this wonderful state. We have made plenty of decisions and spent a bundle of lives for the separation of this country. It was a time when British Govt ruled the subcontinent and Muslims were on the special target. They gave us mush pain, stay us away from the jobs and remain them uneducated. They were known that here Muslim are the only community they can create problem for them as they got that area from them. Indians became a very special for the English people. They have gave multiple opportunity and made their community well educated to stay with them. Finally our National Leader Quaid e Azam took certain steps to provide us this separate state. At last 14 August, 1947 Pakistan country came into existence. In this picture you can see a Pakistani Flag which is showing our independence. A beautiful sky bluish shade make it very charming picture. You can see it here and can download it on your personal computer.


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